The Pros of Having a Wood Router

The Pros of Having a Wood Router

wood routerJust as music brings along tons of advantages for its listeners, wood routers are also beneficial to people in the woodworking industry.

Wood routers are usually for making wooden cabinets, but they are versatile enough to work with other hard materials like plastic.

Before you check out the top wood router picks, first read the types of wood routers on the market today.


Stationary Router

This router is secured in a place, but you can decide where they can be situated.

Plunge Router

This type of router is a plunge type device which can be held in the middle of the material as it plunges into it. These routers make the job more comfortable. They also require less time and produce less waste compared to other types.

Computer Numeric Control or CNC Router

This type of wood router is the latest innovation of wood routers and has various benefits attached to it.


I’m sure you’re thrilled to know the pros of owning a router, so without further ado, here they are:

Cutting dadoes is now a piece of cake

A dado is a groove cut in the surface of a wooden board where you can place the edge of another board or type of cabinet. A wood router allows you to cut dadoes with ease without any difficulty.

Flawless and sharp edges can be made with ease

Want to make smooth and thin cuts on a wooden piece? Get yourself a wood router! It can do the task for a short period without any problem. That’s because a wood router is tailored to create sharp and perfect edges of different materials. Repairing damaged parts of wooden pieces like your chair will also be effortless with a router. You can even make wooden signs with it as illustrated in the video above.

Sophisticated moldings are no longer out of reach

With a wood router, you can design elegant and fancy moldings for your doors, windows, and baseboards. You can either imitate a design or make a design that’s a product of your imagination. You can even make musical symbols to accompany your wooden furniture using a router. You can let your creative juices flow with a wood router—that’s for sure.

black-decker-wood-routerCarving wood will be a comfortable activity to do

You can use your wood router to carve parts of wood to create a strong link which can be used in windows, doors, and cabinets.

Creating precise cuts like a pro is attainable

With a router, you can make accurate cuts each time you’re working on a piece of wood. You can have the same pleasant results you want without wasting wood and other resources.

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